How to Push to The Limit Social Media Thanks to Publer

The best tool ever for any social media manager

Whether you’re running a single small business or managing dozens of them, you’ve likely struggled with the amount of content you need to stay visible on social media platforms. And with the constantly changing algorithms, it’s easy to feel like you’re always behind the curve. Tools like Publer are vital for staying ahead of competitors.

But, what’s Publer?

Publer is a social media management platform. This is a short explanation. Still not clear? No worries, we’ll go in deep about what you can do with Publer.

Firstly, I want to clarify that I’m not social media manager. I’m a software engineer and I have some small businesses and non-profit pages.

What I want to say is that Publer is for everyone! But if you’re a social media manager Publer is a must for you!

Secondly, don’t waste your time for searching alternatives. You will NOT find any better alternative. Thank me later for saving your time.

Alright, let’s start counting the blessings you can receive from this amazing platform.

As a person who managed and raised numerous social media pages, starting from small businesses, non-profit pages, just for fun pages, etc. I was struggling all the time with posting on time. It went a day or two without even posting. When the number of pages you manage starts to grow, it’s much harder and stressful to stay on time and post everything. Even having only one page, Publer will make your life easier.

Not to forget, if you want to grow a social media page, you need consistency. You have to post constantly, every day, or maybe a couple of times per day. Otherwise, don’t expect growth on your page.

What’s about automation?

Post Automation 🦾
Automation is a great feature you can use on Publer. You plan the content for a specific time, you schedule every post on the platform, and then you just watch your posts getting posted by Publer.
While scheduling, you share everything you need, photo/video, description, location, hashtags, etc. After that, you select the time and the accounts you wish to be posted. To mention, you can select multiple accounts to be shared on. So, you don’t have to post the same photo on all of your accounts separately. No matter what social platform it is, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you just select the account on the left, and that’s all for multi-account posting.

Yep, too many features in just a paragraph.

No more fear and stress about missing to post on that special event. 🎉💪

Source: ID Commerce

Post Recycling ♻️
Believe it or not, the lifespan of social media posts is on average very short, with Tweets having the shortest lifespan. Only 15 minutes! (Source: Publer)

Source: Publer

This feature is great. You can’t post new content all the time, that’s impossible. Sometimes you just have to repost something. Thank’s to Publer, you can just go to recycle while posting something, and put the details and time you want to be reposted. You can make it to be reposted after a month or more. It’s up to you. I bet you’ll love it!

For more technical details about this feature, please check Publer’s page.

I love this part. Once you schedule everything, you can nice and clean on the calendar. Also, if you have multiple accounts, you can filter by account.
And you know what’s great here? You can change the day and time of the post just by dragging it.

Isn’t it nice?


I remember how hard was for me in the past, to create designs for the content on different platforms and software, then do my best to manage the photos through folders just to keep them in the order. Many times I got frustrated cause I mixed all of my content, I believe you can relate, case all of my friend can.


Believe, you will never get frustrated anymore once you start using Publer.
With an amazing integration of Canva and Crello, you can design beautiful content and automatically upload it into the platform. Thousands of beautiful templates, if you get in, you’ll get lost.

Source: Publer

These are just a few features that can help you. Believe me, hundreds of other features are waiting for you to discover.

In the end, I’ll provide you with two (2) more reasons why to start using Publer right now.

1st: Active Updates
I remember when I started using Publer a year ago, I was using different platforms and they were waste of time. So, Publer was great at that time. But when I look back now, since then the team has added a lot of great features. I want to say that they’re pretty active in updating and adding new features to the platform. You’ll never get bored, all the time you’ll have to explore and try new things.

2nd: Amazing Support
Every time I had a question or concern, I could easily use their support chat. They’re kind and helpful. To be honest, there is nothing better than when a company offers live chat and fast support. You don’t have to wait for weeks to receive boring emails without a solution.

3rd: Blog
If you have anything unclear, you just have to search for the problem on their blog, you’ll find hundreds of videos and articles there. Everything explaining about the purpose and how to use a specific feature.

Sign up now in Publer and thank me later!



Experienced Curator with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. With a Bachelor’s degree focused on Computer Science.

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Emin Emini

Experienced Curator with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. With a Bachelor’s degree focused on Computer Science.